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I M R G  2037

Indian Motorcycle Riders Group of Southwest Florida

Miles of Smiles with IMRG 2037!


Capt'n Con's Fish House was the group's lunch destination on May 4, 2024 and the combination of great food and great people made for another lasting memory for the 15 bikes and 21 riders. We hope you'll join us on the next ride!



Pathway to ‘Full’ IMRG #2037 Membership

     1) Own an Indian Motorcycle

     2) Request Membership

     3) Agree to Charter and Safety Rules

     4) Carry appropriate motorcycle license and insurance

     5) Sign annual ride waiver

     6) Initial ride, ride in back, ahead of sweep, demonstrate proper group riding techniques

         and full understanding of hand signals, safe riding practices and group camaraderie

         Pay annual dues ($24 per year)

     7) Ride safe, represent IMRG #2037 respectfully

Rights of a Full IMRG #2037 Membership

     1) Full voting rights on all issues presented to the membership for vote

         (one vote per bike, one vote per person)
     2) Available Indian Motorcycle Dealer Discounts to be announced
     3) Can run for a board member position
     4) Right to volunteer for open positions and fundraisers


Items that can drive IMRG #2037 Membership Removal

     1) Unsafe riding

     2) Drinking / Drugs on ride

     3) Conflict and Issues with members in good standing

     4) Bad behavior with our local Indian Dealership (as determined by board)​


Pathway to ‘Limited’ IMRG #2037 Membership

     1) Own a non-Indian Motorcycle

          a. Request Membership

          b. Agree to Charter and Safety Rules

          c. Carry appropriate motorcycle license and insurance

          d. Sign annual ride waver

          e. Pay $24 annual dues

     2) Ride in back, ahead of sweep, demonstrate proper group riding techniques and full

         understanding of hand signals, safe riding practices and group camaraderie

     3) Ride safe, represent IMRG #2037 respectfully

Rights of a Limited IMRG #2037 Membership

     1) Full participation in IMRG Activities and Rides

     2) Access to IMRG emails, FB Page, Website, can participate in fundraisers

     3) Non-Voting Member

     4) Ineligible to be a board member

     5) Removal same as IMRG Member

     6) Available discounts at the local Indian Motorcycle Dealership


Chapter #2037 Charter Addendum #1

Who gets to Vote on membership issues?

     1) Paid ‘Full’ member in good standing

     2) Member of the Board

Members with spouses / partners / passengers

     1) If a couple has 1 Indian and 2 riders - Non-riding spouse, partner, family member can

         pay $12 and get all benefits of a limited member.

     2) If a couple has 2 Indians and both ride, there are 2 options:

          a) One membership can be purchased ($24), but there is only one vote

               (If the one membership option is chosen, that person must be declared, and that

               is who votes, the other person is considered a ‘limited’ member ($12) if they are

               going to ride with the IMRG)

          b) Two memberships can be purchased, and two votes are allowed ($48)


          c) If a couple has 1 Indian and 1 non-Indian, then the declared ‘Indian rider’ is 


               membership is ($24) and full voting member, the non-Indian rider is considered a

               ‘Limited’ member ($24) and is a non-voting member, unless part of the Board

     3)  If a ‘limited’ member has a passenger / spouse that is a non-rider, a ‘limited’ ($24)                membership is required for the rider and ($12) for the passenger / spouse


      4) If a ‘limited’ member has a spouse / partner that rides, and both have to be admitted

          via the ‘pathway’ process and each membership is ($24) each and they are non-

          voting members


Chapter Charter


Enrollment Form


2024 Ride Waiver



Keeping the ride safe and enjoyable.

Riding Rules.png
Rider Hand Signals.png


Thanks for checking out our website. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Chapter, please feel free to Contact us

Annual Dues for the Chapter is $24.00.


Stu's Motorcycles of Fort Myers closed on Saturday, March 30, 2024, and Polaris Industries is expected to announce a new location of Southwest Florida's Official Indian Motorcycle dealership in the next 30 to 60 days. Check back for breaking news about the next great Indian Motorcycle dealer to serve Gulf Coast of Florida.


We hope that you have joined the National Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG). If you have not been to the website, Visit

Here you will find the different types of membership and any perks they provide.


Comments or suggestions for rides or events are welcome; we are here to enjoy the ride. All upcoming rides will be posted here as well as sent to our members via email.


Pre-ride meetings will be held every first Saturday of the month to discuss group news, safety, final destination and anticipated route. Details about the location of these meetings will be shared as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.



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